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ACA has been successfully selected for 2020 excellent application case of National Industrial Internet Industry Alliance

2021-06-03 15:11:19

Sunward (XINHUI) Monofilament Factory Co., Ltd. is cooperating with Jiangmen Yunke Intelligence Equipment Co., Ltd. for the “Monofilament enterprise digital transformation solution basing industrial internet -- ISESOL WIS application in manufacturing enterprise” that has been successfully selected for 2020 excellent application case of National Industrial Internet Industry Alliance on 3rd June 2021.And we become one of the 4 enterprises in Guangdong Province and the only one enterprise in Jiangmen City that was selected for this enterprise case.

We are specialized in industrial monofilament,and our product quality has been in the forefront amongst the monofilament industry.We have in-depth cooperation with Jiangmen Yunke  Intelligence  Equipment  Co., Ltd. in order to eliminate the effects of COVID-19 and enhance the core competitiveness in 2020,and apply intelligence Yunke ISESOL WIS(factory digital manufacturing operation system) products to push digitization of enterprise and upgrading of intelligent transformation.

We can get the data of product status,stock data,quality information,equipment status,technology information and so on timely and conveniently through applying to ISESOL WIS factory digital manufacturing operation system so that we can adjust our production schedule and purchasing schedule to solve effectively different problems during production,reduce management operating cost and enhance the productivity.

Grasping the real-time production information: it can increase the data integrity tens times and reduce 2 labor cost through collecting the parameter record of production equipment in WIS system. 

Schedule in high efficiency: 100% accuracy on the replying of delivery time,2 times increasing on the efficiency schedule , 80% increasing on the efficiency of schedule result.

Tracing the whole processing of the quality measurement: improve the product quality effectively,reduce the defective rate to 2%; save the real-time production data, 3 times increasing on tracing efficiency; 2 times increasing on the timeliness of parameter exception handling.

Orderly and transparent warehouse management:100% accuracy through PDA scanning to in and out warehouse,100% accuracy on delivery, 4 times increasing on delivery efficiency; 2 times increasing on the working efficiency monthly.

From: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/fuZ_0nMadBmeHFDk04dwBw

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